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Northwood News ♦ June 2016

Commuter (Dis)Connections

By Laura Hussey

Commuting by Metro has been a challenge over the past year, as riders of the aging system have experienced unexpected delays, crowded cars, single tracking, and a complete shutdown of the rail system with little notice.  Things may get worse before they get better, and what’s coming will probably affect every type of commute to every part of the area at some point over the coming months.

Metro’s chief operating officer, Paul Wiedefeld, has announced an aggressive maintenance plan, branded Safetrack, which will affect every one of Metro’s lines for some period of time over the next year, with extended periods of single tracking, complete closure of segments of the system for weeks, and reduced service hours.  On our side of the Red Line, the segment between Fort Totten and NoMa/Gallaudet University stations is scheduled to be closed for 23 days from October 10 to November 1.

With travel disruptions inevitable for virtually every commuter, now may be a good time to experiment with alternatives to your normal commute.  Here are a few ideas:

Smart phone apps may make life easier, regardless of what option you choose. Google Maps has information on public transportation routes as well as bike routes.  There are many other free apps that can help with your commute.  Several neighbors have recommended Moovit, but, again, now is the time to explore alternatives and learn the ins and outs of the app or apps you choose.

Happy commuting!   ■

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