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Northwood News ♦ February 2016

The Scoop on Dog Poop

By Laura Hussey

We live in a neighborhood full of dog lovers (myself included) and, unfortunately, sometimes it shows ... in a not very pleasant way.  If your dog relieves himself when out for a walk in the neighborhood, it is your responsibility under Montgomery County law to pick up the feces and dispose of it in an appropriate receptacle.

There are lots of good reasons to perform poop-pickup.  The obvious one is that no one wants to step in dog poop, but here are some other reasons.  Did you know that:

It goes without saying that you should be prepared when you take your dog for a walk:  carry plastic bags designed for picking up poop, or some other suitable bag.  What if you find yourself unprepared?  On a recent walk I found myself unprepared, but I spied a newspaper in a driveway.  I removed the newspaper and put it on the rightful owner’s porch (it was a dry day), and used the newspaper bag to pick up the poop and take it home.  I have also “borrowed” a bag from another dog walker; most dog walkers are happy to lend a bag.

Thanks for poop scooping, dog lovers!   ■

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