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Northwood News ♦ February 2015

The ‘Greater Four Corners Alliance’ Formed

By Jim Zepp

The Four Corners area is often overlooked relative to other nearby sections of the County, such as Takoma Park, Wheaton, White Oak, and Downtown Silver Spring.  Perhaps it is because Four Corners can be characterized as a stable and safe community with an economically, socially, and racially diverse population, a range of affordable housing, and a healthy array of neighborhood retail services within a short distance of many homes.  Consequently, Four Corners is not demanding attention for redevelopment assistance or other needs.

Unfortunately, this is not enough, as assuring that these positive qualities continue requires that they not be sacrificed for the interests of the surrounding areas.  While the Four Corners civic associations have traditionally represented area residents, there has not been a similar organization for local businesses and community institutions such as churches and social service groups.

As a result of recent developments that will likely have substantial impacts on the Four Corners area, local civic leaders have organized the Greater Four Corners Alliance, which represents this broader group of Four Corners’ interests.

The activities of the Alliance will include:

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