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Northwood News ♦ October 2014

For 25 Years, ‘No Substitute for Using the Best Stuff’

By Ed Levy

Follow your nose through the door of Santucci’s Italian Deli and you’ll know right away that you’re someplace special.  The deli offers great Italian subs and homemade pizza, as well as a freezer full of homemade white clam sauce, calzones, fettuccini alfredo, and other pasta options.  In this time of increased standardization and corporatization of restaurants, Santucci’s offers something rare — delicious food prepared from scratch and served by a skilled and friendly proprietor.

“There’s no substitute for using the best stuff,” says Carlo Santucci, who has owned and operated his namesake deli in Four Corners since 1989.  Santucci was born near Rome, Italy, and moved to this country when he was seven years old.  He grew up in the area, graduated from Northwood High, and lives in Woodmoor.

Santucci’s Italian Deli, Woodmoor Shopping Center, 10107 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20901
Tel: 301.593.8338  ♦  Carry-Out or Eat-In  ♦  Indoor/Outdoor Tables  ♦  Handicapped Accessible

Santucci says he’s “been lucky that everything [he] tried worked.” Santucci emphasizes that “knowledge doesn’t come out of a book” when it comes to making quality deli fare.

I asked Santucci if the opening of a Subway franchise a few years back in the same shopping center affected his business.  He told me that while his deli could never compete with Subway on price, Santucci’s offers a different, higher quality product.

Santucci’s cooks its own roast beef and makes its own meatballs.  The deli buys the highest quality other meats they can find.  Santucci’s also makes its own oil and vinegar and sauces and uses fresh dough for its pizzas.

I hope I’ll see you soon at Santucci’s.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.   ■

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