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Northwood News ♦ June 2014

Build Community by Holding Your Own Block Party

By Jacquie Bokow

What better way to get to meet and know the neighbors and build neighborhood unity on your street than an old-fashioned block party?  Block off the street, bring food and beverages, supply music — good times guaranteed!

Here are some suggestions for your own block party.


Food and Beverages

The planning committee should decide how to organize the party food.  Some ideas:

Block parties have been held on Glenwild Road for several years, organized by Roxanne Beltran (who started the first one), Rebecca Adams, and Anna Mizani.  [Photos supplied by Roxanne Beltran.]

One Month Before

Statistics for the block are gathered in a unique way.  Neighbors write on posters, answering questions like “How long have you lived on the street?” or “Where are you originally from?”  Those answers — along with pictures and the invitation — get put in an album displayed at the subsequent block party.

One Week Before

Activity Ideas

Neighborhood Pride

Don’t Forget...

If your neighbors meet a few new families and get to know each other a little better, you’re already beginning to enhance your community.  Remember, it doesn’t take tons of people to have a successful event.  Just have some fun!   ■

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