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Northwood News ♦ June 2014

Carole Ann Barth Awarded ‘Star Cup’ for Service to Community

The Montgomery County Civic Federation (MCCF) each year bestows three awards on individuals and/or groups that have provided outstanding public service to the people of Montgomery County.  One of these, the Star Cup, is awarded to an MCCF delegate or committee.

County Executive Ike Leggett presents the 2014 “Star Cup” to Carole Ann Barth in recognition of her extraordinary service as President of the Montgomery County Civic Federation.

At the MCCF annual banquet on 9 May 2014, County Executive Isiah Leggett presented Carole Ann Barth, NFCCA Immediate Past President, with this year’s Star Cup.

Barth, a MoCo native and environmental planner, is currently serving her second and final term as President of the MCCF.  She also has served as Chair of its Parks and Recreation Committee and as Vice President.  She also currently serves on the Montgomery County Forest Conservation Advisory Committee, lending her expertise in forestry policies and guidelines.

Said Leggett, “Carole has brought her considerable knowledge, passion, and expertise to help many communities improve their surrounding environments.”

It was Barth who chaired a neighborhood stormwater committee that crafted a consensus solution to the Anacostia Watershed Restoration Plan which created our vernal pool.  A Weed Warrior for 12 years, Carole has educated hundreds of citizens about invasive plants through walks, park clean-ups, articles, and classes taught at the Graduate School USA.

MCCF Immediate Past President Peggy Dennis wrote that Barth “carried out her duties for the federation with tact, grace, and equanimity in the face of sometimes irascible or openly hostile personalities.”

Here are some additional facts about Barth mentioned in Leggett’s speech at the award ceremony that didn’t make it into the newsletter:

“Her leadership, collaboartion, and consensus building skills have served the Civic Federation very well and she has worked tirelessly to advocate for a better Montgomery County for all residents,” said Leggett.  “Always willing to do whatever it takes, she is a true community champion.

“Whether its her guidance on environmental and park planning, her educating us on the impact of invasive plants, or her advocacy for the residents of Farm Road, Carole’s many contributions to her neighborhood and to our County will benefit all of us for many years to come.  We are all very grateful to her for her generous service to our community and are pleased to honor her this year with the Star Cup Award.”

Carole, we salute you!   ■

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