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Four Corners County Council District 5 Candidates’ Forum 5/7

By Jim Zepp

The NFCCA is joining with the South Four Corners Civic Association and the Woodmoor-Pinecrest Citizens Association in sponsoring a forum for the five candidates running for the County Council District 5 seat.  This forum will be an opportunity for Four Corners area residents and business owners to discuss three major topics affecting our communities’ future and quality of life:

The Montgomery County Council consists of four At-Large members and five District members in order to ensure both County-wide and more local perspectives are represented.  Unfortunately for our community, its Council representation has been in a state of nearly constant change since 2008 when Marilyn Praisner died.  Her husband, Don, was then elected to complete her term, but he died a year later.  In 2009, Nancy Navarro was elected as the District 4 Council Member.

As a result of redistricting decisions, our neighborhood was moved from Council District 4 to District 5 in 2012, which made Valerie Ervin our Council representative.  Ervin resigned from the Council in December 2013, which led to the appointment of Cherri Branson on 28 Jan. 2014 as the District 5 Council Member.  With this year’s Council elections, our community will have been represented by six different individuals in seven years.

Consequently, when issues affecting our area have been before the Council, we have been somewhat disadvantaged by being represented by someone who was either new to the Council or our community’s concerns and history or had stronger ties to other constituencies.  Ironically, Election Precinct 13-11, which coincides with our civic association’s boundaries, has generally had a higher voter turnout than many other areas of the County.  Therefore, this upcoming election is important for our neighborhood’s interests to impress upon the candidates that we deserve a representative who views advocating for his/her constituents as a major responsibility and not a distraction from his/her greater personal political goals.

All five Council District 5 candidates have agreed to participate in the Forum:

The Forum is open to the general public (see details below).  Free parking is available at the school.   ■

Four Corners’ County Council District 5 Candidates’ Forum To Be Held 7 May

Jointly Sponsored by NFCCA, South Four Corners Civic Association,
and Woodmoor-Pinecrest Citizens’ Association

Wednesday, 7 May 2014
7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Pinecrest Elementary School
201 Woodmoor Drive, Silver Spring, Md.

Free and Open to the Public

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