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Northwood News ♦ June 2013

Neighborly Notes

Man Fights Neighborhood Graffiti

By Carolyn Ross

While some may appreciate it as an urban art form, most Northwood neighbors probably agree:  graffiti is “just unpleasant to look at,” as Lockridge Drive resident Richard Suchoski concludes.

So, instead of waiting for the County’s “environmental services” branch or other such outfit to take on the task, on several recent occasions this industrious non-County employee (the yellow “Staff” shirt nothwithstanding) has been seen — atop a ladder and rag in hand — attempting to remove the spray-painted drivel on street signs himself.

A University of Maryland graduate student in engineering, Suchoski also is the thoughtful neighbor who provides the trashcan and bags for pet waste at the trail entrance at the end of Lockridge.

If you’ve noticed graffiti on neighborhood signs, only to find it’s disappeared on another day, thank Richard Suchoski.

Suchoski uses a logic-minded approach to graffiti removal, experimenting with a variety of products that profess themselves to handle the job.  He found, for example, those solvents that may remove the blight best actually also may remove the reflective paint from the signs, so he must work carefully.

As it turns out, removing graffiti, just like applying it, is all in the wrist, or — more precisely — the elbow grease.   ■

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