Stories from the NFCCA Newsletter, the “Northwood News”

Northwood News ♦ April 2013

President’s Message

By Brian Morrissey

Hello, Everyone.

Slowly, as the weather turns warmer, as the sun shines brighter, we venture forth into the neighborhood to participate in all those activities for which the season calls.  Whether it be for the dreaded yardwork, the pleasure of gardening, or time spent with the family outdoors, Spring entices us out of our homes.  I encourage us as a community to take this time to introduce ourselves to the new neighbor or re-introduce ourselves to long-time residents.  As we get to know each other, we deepen our connection to and sense of belonging to our neighborhood.

There are many opportunities to “get to know” your neighbor.  First, there are activities for kids, such as the Easter Egg Hunt in North Four Corners Park (at the end of Southwood Avenue) that was held on March 23.  Second, perhaps you might prefer to beautify the neighborhood at the Lockridge Creek Cleanup held each autumn and spring (as yet unscheduled for spring).  We will again be gathering in early June for the Rachel Carson Meadow Festival.  Also, in early August, we will celebrate National Night Out at the Forest Knolls Pool.

Another way to connect with each other is the Listserv (details).  People of all stripes exchange information, alert one another about neighborhood concerns, sell items, give away non-needed furniture, etc., and exchange references.  We also have a neighborhood book club and a beer brewers’ club.  If you seek like-minded people to start your own group, post your idea on the Listserv and see what response you receive.

All in all, we are blessed to have a lot of opportunities to strengthen and better our community ties.  Hope to see you all out there! Best wishes....   ■

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