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Northwood News ♦ February 2013

Chabad Montessori Preschool Awarded Lease to the North Four Corners Park Activity Building

By Jim Zepp

The one room, log cabin park activity building in North Four Corners Park (211 Southwood Avenue) was closed by the County Parks Department in April 2010 — along with nine similar facilities around the County — as a cost-savings measure.  Since then, a group of residents have worked to reopen the building for community use.  This culminated with the recent announcement that the Parks Department had accepted the Chabad School, which is currently located in the Kemp Mill neighborhood, as the successful bidder to operate its programs in the park activity building.

Our shuttered North Four Corners Park Activity Building will be leased to a Montessori preschool beginning this Fall.

A meeting was held on 16 January for community residents to meet with a representative from the Chabad School and ask any questions or make requests about how they would like the building to be used or operated.  Rabbi Berel Wolvovsky, the school’s co-director, gave a brief description of the school and its plans for the North Four Corners Park activity building.  For more information about the Chabad School, please visit their website at

Before the school can begin operating at this location, they must obtain several permits and certifications from County and State agencies, which means a probable Fall 2013 opening, if no major problems occur.

The tot playground outside the park activity building would still be available for neighborhood residents visiting the park.

About seven area residents attended the meeting, including NFFCA President Brian Morrisey, NFCCA Vice President Fiona Morrisey, and NFCCA At-Large Board Member Carolyn Van Dyck.  After welcoming the Rabbi and his school to the neighborhood, the desire to have the facility available for community events such as Civic Association meetings was expressed by residents.  The presence of the school will also serve as a deterrent to vandalism and other problems in the park.

To help facilitate the approval process for the school to occupy the building, neighborhood resident/former NFCCA President/architect Ralph Bennett has generously volunteered his services to prepare the drawings and related documentation for the building.

Inquiries and comments can be emailed to Rabbi Wolvovsky through their website.   ■

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