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Northwood News ♦ December 2012

Woodmoor Reminiscences

Hoover-Fisher Florist Still Blooming After 50+ Years

By Jacquie Bokow

Our local florist, owned by a family who lived in our neighborhood, has been selling flower arrangements of all types for almost 60 years.  Hoover-Fisher Florist is the flagship business at Woodmoor Center in Four Corners, occupying both floors at the southern, University Boulevard end of the shopping center.

The original owners, Jim and “Cookie” (Carolyn) Fisher, lived on Belton Road.  [Full disclosure:  they lived two doors from my own childhood home, so I knew the family.]  The parents opened their first florist shop, James E. Fisher Florist, at University and Piney Branch Road in 1954.  In 1960, they incorporated with Jim’s sister and her husband, the Hoovers, who had a florist shop in Washington, D.C.

In the early 1970s, the couple opened their second shop at Woodmoor, which Cookie Fisher ran, in the space on the front side of the arcade now occupied by Keller Realtor.  Eventually, the two businesses swaped spaces, although the florist had only the first floor for the first five years; then both floral shops were consolidated in Four Corners.

When the Hoovers retired, the Fishers bought them out; Bill Fisher, the youngest of the Fisher’s four children, bought out his parents in 1986, about 20 years before they retired.

Current owner Bill Fisher, standing in the shop with his daughter Allie, is the youngest son of original owners Jim and Cookie Fisher, who lived on Belton Road in our neighborhood.

According to Bill, he and all his siblings worked at the store when they were younger.  His sisters Lee and Carolyn worked for short periods of time until their respective marriages and subsequent moves out-of-state.  His brother Jimmy worked at the business for about 15 years until he, too, married and became a stay-at-home dad.

Keeping the business in the family, Bill’s second daughter, Allie, works at the florist full-time as Customer Sales Manager; she’s responsible for their website and social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and emails.   ■

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