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New Year’s Resolutions to Live By Every Day

By Valerie Merriweather

As you embark on 2013, it’s very likely that you’ll know someone making a New Year’s resolution or you’ll be making one yourself.  The fact is, setting a goal or two is a good thing.  Goals are necessary to create change and achieve goals.  However, if you have unrealistic health and fitness goals, you could be setting yourself up to fail by January 15th.  According to researchers, most folks have thrown in the towel by mid-February.  Don’t let this be you!  Below are some tips to help you meet your fitness goals.  The great thing about these tips is that you’ll be able to live by them every day, increase your odds of success, and avoid beating yourself up when you experience slip-ups.

Resolution #1:  Enjoy life more.  How many times have you pressed through a busy day of carpools, work, and other responsibilities with dread?  It’s common to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of to-dos, but make sure you don’t fall and stay in that pattern.  Take some time each day to be grateful for family and friends, start researching a dream trip, or take some time at a park to journal.  Make it a habit to practice enjoying life more.  For example, savor the simple things, reflect on a lesson, or plan for the future.  The by-product of all this enjoyment is less stress, which in turn leads to better overall health.

Resolution #2:  Move more.  I know what you’re saying and it goes something like this, “I’m very active.”  The reality is that, as you age, you’re less active than you think.  On your active days, step things up by walking around as you check the mail, standing instead of sitting during meetings, and marching in place while you brush your teeth.  The point here is that if you move more, you’ll burn more calories, improve your flexibility, and sleep better.  Make it a point to move more throughout the day and you may live longer!

Resolution #3:  Eat better.  Studies show that most people overstate how well they eat and under-report how much they eat junk foods.  Instinctively, we’re experts at denying what we really eat and this is an area that can sabotage our nutrition, increase our weight, and cause weight-loss plateaus.  If you’re trying to lose weight, where and when you eat are just as important as what and how much.  Here’s the caveat, though:  eating better will take work.  It may require you to shop at several grocery stores to get the best selection, cook more at home, and eat out (a lot) less.  However, once you take the leap and eat better for at least six weeks, your body will feel better and you’ll see results faster.

You can make and achieve your health and fitness goals.  Live by these three resolutions in 2013 and every day.  Your life will improve and you’ll be able to celebrate everyday victories!

[Valerie Merriweather, MHA, ACE, NASM, is Chief Executive Officer of Fitwell Training Solutions, a personal training and wellness company specializing in the health and fitness of busy women.  At the time of this column, she lived on Playford Lane in the Forest Knolls community.]   ■

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