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Northwood News ♦ June 2010

Feeling Grim?  ‘Sonrieta’ May Help

By Jacquie Bokow

It seems we have another published author in our neighborhood!  Robert Brooks, who lives on Margate Road, wrote Sonrieta — his first children’s book — after it “came to him” during a lunch break while he was living in Mexico City.

The tale is set in fictional Grimly Valley, where smiling is forbidden and the frowning inhabitants see the colors of the world much paler than they really are.  Sonrieta’s parents struggle to keep her from smiling, but she is discovered.  Sent to the Tower to learn proper grimness, she instead befriends the frustrated artistic “misfits” residing there.  Together they discover the magic of smiles, music, painting, dance, and poetry, finally marching into town to free the townspeople from their “grimness.”

Sonrieta (derived from the Spanish word sonreir, “to smile”) illustrates the power of positive attitude and friendship.  The book is suitable for middle schoolers, although my fourth grader declared it “very good.”  If you live in NFCCA territory, you can order it directly from the author for a discounted $10 [contact information redacted].   ■

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