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Northwood News ♦ April 2009

Financing Plan to Retrofit Homes

MoCo Councilmember Roger Berliner has proposed legislation (Bill No. 06-09) to create a Montgomery County Home Energy Loan Program (HELP).  Under the program, a homeowner would voluntarily obtain a home energy audit from a certified auditor to identify the most cost-effective measures.  The homeowner would then take the results of the audit to the county, which would provide a zero-interest loan to make the improvements.  Funds are only loaned for an energy-efficiency improvement that is projected to be cost-effective.

Eligible energy-efficiency improvements must be permanent improvements made to an existing single-family home that reduce the consumption of energy in the home.  Eligible improvements include:

The definition of “energy-efficiency improvement” does not include installing a standard household appliance, such as a washing machine or clothes dryer.

Introduced 24 February 2009, the bill adds provisions to Article 4, the Home Energy Loan Program, of Chapter 18A, Environmental Sustainability, of the Montgomery County Code.  The bill was enacted 14 April 2009.  To see the text of this bill, see

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