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Northwood News ♦ June 2008

Check out the ‘Dramatic’ Carriage Rambler Flyer

By Linda Perlman

The Carriage Rambler house pictured at right was built on Chiswell Lane in 1961 and its sales price was approximately $23,790.  It includes the “biggest full basement you ever saw,” according to the brochure.

The shaded areas of the map below (also from the brochure) show the location of the Carriage Park West development built by Rose Construction Company, Inc., Oscar Margulies, President.

Note the “Proposed U.S. Route 29 Extended” just north of Northwood High School.  This never-built road was probably the inter-county connector of its day.  In any case, it explains why the front of Northwood High School faces a wooded area towards Kemp Mill, rather than University Boulevard.

[Thanks to Liane Lunden for loan of the brochure.  Click on each graphic to see a larger version.]   ■

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