Stories from the NFCCA Newsletter, the “Northwood News”

Northwood News ♦ June 2007

Less Trash, More Fun in This Year’s Cleanup of Lockridge Creek

By Carole Barth

This year’s spring cleanup netted less trash than usual, only 20 bags full.  There were no tires and, in fact, hardly any large items.  We also found the remains of one cell phone.  With less heavy hauling to do, we were able to sort out three blue bins worth of recyclables.

We had beautiful weather and the kids had a wonderful time spotting wildlife as we went.  In addition to the tadpoles and caterpillars we expected to see, there was a bullfrog, schools of little fish, and even a duck sitting on a nest with four eggs.

Working with the neighborhood children is a great pleasure for me.  Since we’ve been doing this cleanup for 17 years, I’ve even worked with some from the time they were too little to really help much right through their high school years.  I like to think in years to come they will remember what Rachel Carson called “the sense of wonder” and share similar experiences with their own children.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the cleanup, and special thanks to Brian Morrissey for the use of his van and to Don Thomas for donating the supplies.  Don’t forget, we also do a fall cleanup; hope to see you there!   ■

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