Stories from the NFCCA Newsletter, the “Northwood News”

Northwood News ♦ February 2004

Giving the Gift of Trees

By Carole Barth

Over the years, NFCCA has tried to protect and enhance the neighborhood’s tree canopy.  Trees provide many important benefits.  For example, a mature shade tree provides as much cooling as four large window air conditioners.  Trees also help clean the air, capture stormwater runoff, provide food and homes for wildlife, and bring us four seasons of beauty.  Now, through the Tree-mendous Maryland Gift of Trees program, residents can make donations that will directly benefit our community.

Here’s how it works.  Trees cost $25 per tree or, for $250, you can purchase a grove of ten trees.  You can purchase a tree to commemorate someone or celebrate a special occasion.  The trees are planted on public land such as parks; school grounds; and along streams, creeks, and rivers or county and state right-of-ways.  A certificate is sent indicating the person or occasion being honored.

The best part is, if you put NFCCA on a corner of the form (click on shown form for a printable copy), Tree-mendous Maryland will target your gift to a project in our neighborhood.  So, remember a loved one, celebrate a birthday or anniversary, and at the same time make this a better place to live with a gift of trees.   ■

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