Stories from the NFCCA Newsletter, the “Northwood News”

Northwood News ♦ October 2003

Social Events Coordinator Sought

By Margaret Hawkins

In many neighborhoods throughout the area, community members — especially children — have fond memories of the events planned by their local civic associations.  Some associations, such as Woodmoor’s [across Route 29 from the NFCCA’s territory], host annual ice cream socials, Easter Egg hunts, Halloween parades, Christmas decorations contest, and other activities designed to provide socializing opportunities with neighbors and their families.

Such events build community spirit, which has the extra benefit of increasing property values.  Realtors point to strong neighborhood associations as adding value to homes in an area.

While Northwood has an established association, there is a lack of community-wide social events in our neighborhood.  To help remedy this, the Board of the NFCCA is looking for a volunteer to serve as Social Chair.  This person would lead efforts to establish two to three social events in the upcoming year.  The Chair would solicit ideas for events, recruit volunteers to organize and run specific events, and generally help coordinate each occasion.

An alternative to a Social Chair (who would serve for the fiscal year) is to have individuals step forward with ideas for one particular event that they are willing to lead and organize.  For example, every year Jim Zepp, a perennial Board member, organizes the Neighborhood Night Out Against Crime in August.  This well-attended, popular event involves a potluck dinner and a visit from the police and the crime-fighting dog McGruff.

If anyone in our community is willing to participate, either as the Social Chair or a one-time event organizer, please contact Heather Maurano [contact details redacted].   ■

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