Stories from the NFCCA Newsletter, the “Northwood News”

Northwood News ♦ April 2003

President’s Message

By Vince Jankoski

With a never-so-welcome spring approaching, I would like to give you my thoughts on what we can all do to make our neighborhood as beautiful as it can be.  From the moment I first saw our neighborhood, I was impressed with its natural effects:  the mature trees, the varied — and sometimes unique — gardens, the ample open space.  After I lived here for a while, I learned the reason for my initial impression.  We have neighbors who are dedicated to maintaining and, in fact, improving the natural beauty of our neighborhood.

In view of this, I have no hesitation in asking all of you to address two problems that, while always present, have become magnified in recent months:  litter and graffiti.  As to the former, my frequent walks through our local streets have led me to believe that the problem is one of unthinking motorists traversing our streets in an effort to avoid the more congested main arteries which border our neighborhood.  Viewed as a convenience rather than a place where people live, our neighborhood becomes an easy place to discard bottles, cans, and fast food wrappers.  This angers and frustrates me greatly.  While I invite suggestions for a long-term solution, I regret that the short-term solution is for each of us to do the unpleasant and pick up other people‚Äôs trash.  I trust you will respond to my call.

In some respects, the graffiti disappoints me more than the litter.  While I suspect the litter is the product of persons outside our neighborhood who have little respect for us, the graffiti is most likely an inside job.  One of us is defacing our neighborhood.  Unfortunately, s/he will continue to do so until s/he is caught.

I ask you to report to the county police each and every incident of graffiti whether it occurs on your personal property or on public property.  The police are already aware of the situation.  They are considering these incidents seriously.  Do not assume that the police have better things to do.  If we do not report these incidents to the police, the police have no way of knowing that we have a problem.  They want to hear from us.  I am told that, given the similarities in the kinds of graffiti, the police are treating these incidents as a single occurrence and are investigating them on the detective level.  When reporting a graffiti incident, call the main Montgomery County Police Department non-emergency number at 301.279.8000.  Ask to speak to Mr. Landfair and refer to Report No. S03060335.   ■

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