Purchase Multiple Classified Ads

For details on other ad sizes (including rates, dimensions, and deadlines), see the current “Northwood News” Rate Card.

Number of Issues:      1      2      3      4      5
Classified Ad $  10 $  20 $  30 $  40 $  50

The Classified Ad is a text only ad [up to four lines of 12-point Abadi Condensed type] for sale of merchandise, yard sale announcements, etc.  It is 2.0" wide and 1" high.  Before publication, you will receive a copy of how your ad will look, so it can be tweaked, if necessary.

Full payment for an ad must be received before it will be printed.  Either pay by check or pay online — using PayPal or a credit card — below.  Checks should be made payable to “NFCCA” (not to the editor) and mailed or delivered to the editor by the deadline mentioned on the rate card.


Classified Ad
Your Name and/or Company

To place or discuss an ad, please contact:

Ms. Jacquie Bokow
Editor, Northwood News
10603 Cavalier Drive
Silver Spring, MD  20901
editor AT nfcca DOT org







Note:  This Rate Card only covers the October through June issues of the newsletter.  If you pay after September for ads past the June issue, the price of subsequent issues may be different.  If this happens, you will be notified.

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