NFCCA COVID-19 RESOURCE GUIDE See our Covid-19 Resource Guide here for links to official websites, plus hospitals and food resources local to Silver Spring, Maryland.

NFCCA Community Cares Network

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Northwood-Four Corners Civic Association (NFCCA) is establishing a Community Cares Network to help organize efforts by neighbors to support one another.  Please note that this program is available ONLY to residents in NFCCA’s territory in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The goal is to provide assistance for our neighbors who might be:

  • part of an at-risk population (over 60, living with a health condition or immunodeficiency);
  • staying at home because they are in quarantine, sick or having symptoms; or
  • on the front line in responding to the crisis (health professionals, sanitation workers, etc).

Please fill out this online form to request assistance or to volunteer.  Personal information will not be posted online; this information will only be accessible by the administrators who are coordinating the NFCCA Community Cares Network.

Our Community Cares Network will help identify how best to help our neighbors who are “socially distancing” themselves, who fall ill, or who are essential services providers. Volunteers can sign up to pick up and deliver groceries, carry-out food orders, prescriptions, or other essentials.  Volunteers may also want to make periodic phone calls to offer emotional support and social interaction for those who are self-quarantined, especially those who live alone.  Homebound individuals may also need technical support, such as computer help or Skype training, so they can stay in touch with their loved ones.  We are hopeful that Covid-19 won’t seriously affect our neighborhood, but those who fall ill may also need help with dog walking and pet care.  As a community, we will do what we can to support each other and get through this crisis together.

Questions?  Email for more information.

Disclaimers:  NFCCA will not share personal information beyond our volunteer community.  We cannot guarantee that all requests for aid will be met.  Please agree in advance on how to meet and how payment will be handled.  NFCCA organizers accept no liability for managing or providing volunteer activities.

Visit the CDC website ( for the latest COVID-19 health and safety information.

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