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NFCCA’s New ‘Snow Angels’ Program

Government Representation

We are part of the 8th Congressional District in the U.S. Congress, the 19th Legislative District in the Maryland State General Assembly, and District 5 in Montgomery County, Maryland.

County Services

Racial Diversity

As shown by the Racial “Dot Map” of Our Neighborhood, prepared by the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, our neighborhood is a mixture of all races.  [Also read the Northwood News article, How North Four Corners Became a ‘Salad Bowl Suburb’, October 2015.]

A Good Place to Live

We who live here are not the only ones to think so!  See the Northwood News article, Four Corners Rated #1 Place to Live in Maryland, October 2015.

Serving on the NFCCA Board

Your civic association cannot function without the individuals in our neighborhood who volunteer their time and energy to represent us at numerous County meetings and hearings, give testimony, stay abreast of actions by local entities that affect us.  Perhaps it’s time you got involved?  Read Serving on the NFCCA Board to learn more.

Useful Documents

  • “Do Not Block the Sidewalk” Signs for Cars (It’s not only difficult for pedestrians, strollers, wheelchairs, and small children on bicycles but against MoCo Code.):  PDF or Word version
  • Courtesy Flyer about Scooping and Leash Laws
  • Door Warning states “We never hire, buy from, or donate to anyone who comes to our door!” [Word Document]


Rachel Carson Meadow

The meadow in North Four Corners Park served as our “village green,” where Four Corners residents walk dogs, chat, watch fireflies, sled, toss a frisbee, read, and enjoy a hundred other pursuits.  It was a convenient spot for families, where kids could engage in unstructured outdoor play.  Next door to The Oaks independent living facility, it was also convenient for seniors.  Our 180+ Year Old Black Walnut Tree Residents named this green space after environmental activist and author Rachel Carson, who lived just on the other side of the Northwest Branch which borders NFCCA territory.

Since 2002, the Montgomery County Parks and Planning Board had been planning the destruction of Rachel Carson Meadow and its replacement by an adult-sized soccer field and 50-car parking lot.  While ostensibly working with the community on this plan, Parks and Planning consistently ignored the local residents’ desire to keep the existing meadow.  [See the latest story on the parkSearch the Northwood News for further stories. Also see Rachel Carson Meadow for further history.]

Neighbors, let’s remain civil to each other!